Highlights from Strategic Plan

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On February 23, the Vestry and Strategic Planning Committee of St. A presented the plan they had developed during 4 months of work to Bishop Taylor and Canon McCarthy. Below are highlights of the plan, with the proposed solutions for the financial transition.


  • Multicultural – We’re a multicultural & polylingual congregation for people who want 

      diversity in their spiritual community.

  • Intentional We attract and address people who seek spiritual sustenance & community, and 

       those who have been hurt by religion.

  • Benefit to SPC The church offers unique ways to enhance the ministry and sustainability of 

        St. Paul’s Commons.



  • Corp Sole: As funding from the Bishop’s office goes away, this source can no longer support 

staff salaries. For 25 years, this account has funded clergy compensation at Saint 

A, but it can no longer be sustained. The church must develop alternative funding.

  • Pledges and offerings: Pledges and offerings are insufficient as a replacement source of 

capital. While these continue to grow, they cannot make up for the decrease in 

funding from Corp Sole.

  • Fundraising: Fundraising efforts have increased in recent years but must grow exponentially 

  to sustain the ministry.



Staff reassignment (Yein) – Split the Rev Yein’s time between St. Athanasius and the Diocese, 

where she would work to promote St. Paul’s Commons as an event venue.

Increase capacity for social enterprise work – Send at least five members to Social Enterprise 

      Academy this year.  Apply learnings to the concepts listed in this presentation.

Homeless services – Create a daytime space for unhouse individuals with possible remuneration. 

          Create an overnight shelter for homeless individuals.

Parking The church wants to offer for-pay parking services for people visiting Echo Park.

Event space rental – The church will promote weddings, quinceañera services/receptions, 

         baptisms & baby showers at St Paul’s Commons.

Increase activities for congregationCalendar social activities across language groups (meals, 

(cooking classes, picnics, sports, etc); organize members to take charge of activities 

like offerings, eucharist and readings; congregation members visit hospitals.

Expand congregation – increase St. A’s social media presence; visit Angelino Heights to find 

appropriate ways to evangelize; offer activities for all age groups to invite to the 

building people who might be interested in membership; encourage members to 

invite friends to events/ activities

Increase engagement with community – Orient and train member volunteers in Laundry Love 

and Food Bank to invite participants to St. A; create/help staff a multipurpose 

Community Care Room for youth after school, AA meetings in the evenings and 

homeless access center during the day; promote member involvement in 

community justice and compassion work; schedule a walk-about with Bishop Diane

Increase fundraising and pledge income – Schedule several fundraisers per year; build mailing 

list of participants and donors; strengthen monitoring and communication with 

members around pledging to increase per person pledges; find ways to invite 

newcomers to be regular givers.