Stewardship Campaign

November is pledge month at St. A. We will receive pledges at the service on Nov 18. Of course, you may mail in or bring your pledge any time. But we will dedicate an ingathering of pledges then. For some of you, pledging is already a habit. For others of you it is new. Here are some common questions with some answers.

What is a financial pledge? Episcopal churches have operated for many years with a system of financial pledges made by their members.  A pledge is an expression of what a person plans to contribute to the church during the coming year – a promise based on faith between the individual and God.  It is not a legal contract but a personal covenant.

Why does Saint A ask for financial pledges? The ministry of the church depends on donations by members. Each year the Vestry proposes a budget for the ministry during the coming year. The pledges indicate to the committee how far we can go in our ministry next year.

What if I can only give a small amount? We know people have different financial circumstances. It’s not expected that everyone will give the same amount. Some can give sacrificially, others can give generously, others can give a little, and a few may not be able to give at all. Any amount is welcome. We invite people to determine what their level of commitment to God is (spirituality) and what their level of commitment to St. Athanasius’ mission (stewardship) is. We understand that people give to other charities besides St. Athanasius. Nevertheless, we invite you to seriously consider what you give to the church.

What happens if I can’t pay my pledge? Since pledges are promises freely made between God and the individual, they are not legally binding. If a person’s circumstances change during the year such that he or she cannot pay the pledge in full, no debt has been incurred.


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