The Vestry


The vestry is the leadership body in each Episcopal congregation. It consists of the clergy, plus a designated number of lay members who are elected each year by the congregation to three year terms. The vestry holds the mission and vision of the congregation, and implements those in the ongoing life of the church through worship, parish life and mission beyond the walls of the church. At St. A the vestry is comprised of people from all three language groups. Communication is assisted by translation throughout the meeting. Relationships between the priest, the vestry and the congregation is supported by the wardens, of which there is one for each language group at St. A.



Lay person licensed by the bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the eucharist. Lay eucharistic ministers may be licensed to administer the consecrated bread and wine at any celebration of the eucharist in the absence of a sufficient number of priests and deacons to assist the celebrant. They may also be licensed to go from a Sunday eucharist or other principal celebrations of the eucharist to share the sacrament with members of the congregation who were unable to be present at the celebration because of illness or infirmity. Lay eucharistic ministers may be licensed for either or both ministries. This ministry is understood to be an extraordinary ministry, and is not to take the place of the ministry of priests and deacons concerning the administration of the eucharist. Prior to the current lay ministry canons, specially licensed lay readers administered the chalice at the eucharist and were known as "chalice bearers."

Altar Guild


Liturgy begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild. To care for the sacred vessels, the bread and the wine, the fair linens and hangings and the candles and torches used for worship in the Sanctuary is far more than a task, it is a true ministry. The duty of the altar guild is to prepare all the things necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist or any of the other sacraments and offices of the church. The altar guild welcomes new members.